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In the event that you are interested in a lot of hand-made leather merchandise items and other Moroccan conventional things, you are in the correct hands. We are wholesalers of Hand-made leather items brought straightforwardly from high experienced Moroccan skilled workers. For the most part, Chouara tannery leather shop items are made in an amazing quality.

Fez leather tannery

Things can be produced using skin of goat, camel,sheep and cows. The hides are actually colored by turn in manually in the famous tannery ” Chouara Tannery “, which is situated in the city of Fes. We offer Leather merchandise to retail dealers in Souks, Bazaars, and stores all through Morocco and around the world. You will discover hides in various sizes, and all shades,types and colors: cocoa, hot pink, lime green, red, blue, Purple, turquoise, and canary yellow if we can name some of them.

moroccan leather shop

On the off chance that you are a visitor, when you come to Morocco you ought to purchase a couple of conventional shoes (Babouch). Babouch is a shoe or shoe that is open or shut at the heel, extremely agreeable, and delivered in the conventional shades of White, Black, Red and Yellow besides the previously mentioned hues.


They are hand-colored and hand made. Additionally consider calfskin packs, and gear, the greater part of a similar quality and workmanship. Not exclusively are we wholesalers of genuine leather items, however we likewise offer a sourcing administration. On the off chance that you need something particular that is made in Morocco and not recorded here, then we will help you to get it at the best quality and cost.

All in all, we offer Merchants many Moroccan Leather items, Made in a high quality and by expert skilled workers. We offer leather items (shoes-coats-packs poufs…) to retail traders in souks, Bazars, and stores all through Morocco and around the world. We likewise have the best contact with shipping company, so no stresses over how far you are, and regardless of the amount you need.

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