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As we drew nearer to Chouara Tannery in the old Medina, and through Fez city the bad odor getting from the tanning vats was to some degree unbearable. In Fez, there are three tanneries, and the most visited one is Chouara Tannerythat has been cleaning, stripping, smoothing and coloring skins and switch it into delicate Moroccan calfskin for more than thousand years.

Fez Tannery

Fez Tannery Working Steps

Chouara Tannery hides are gathered, sorted out then splashed for a few days in huge unique gap that contains a combination of quicklime, cow urine, water, and salt to expel effectively the animal hair. When it is cleaned, they laid them out to dry.

Fez Tannery

When it dried, the covers up are then splashed in different openings that are a blend of water and chicken defecation which contains ammonia that mollifies them and makes them supple. The tanner then uses his uncovered feet to massage the skins for three hours until they have achieved the needed delicate quality.

The stows away of Chouara Tannery are then moved to the gaps utilized for coloring. The tanneries in the Old Medina are utilizing common vegetable colors including poppy bloom for red shading, indigo for blue, henna for orange, cedar wood for brown, mint for green, and saffron for yellow color.They likewise utilize different materials for coloring incorporate pomegranate powder, which is rubbed on the skins to turn them yellow, and olive oil, which makes them sparkling. The skins are left in the coloring gaps for around one week. Every week the colors are changed out for various colors.

When they completely ingest the shading they are taken to be extended on wooden casings until they dry. The aggregate tanning process takes around 20 days all the way. The work in Chouara Tannery is difficult by any stretch of the imagination, it is clear what number of steps they did and what number of work they do, just to present to us the most astounding nature of leather items.

Chouara Tannery has countlessof people’s interest especially journalist and photographers from the entire world. Along these lines, in the event that you are journalists and photographers, we are putting in your hand the best Fes Tours to visit Chouara Tannery. Also, we will help you meet and converse with the Fez Tannery artisans with the interpretation of your expert guide you will get all the data you require.We are patient No matter when and where, we’ll keep you in contact with Fez Tannery office.



Fez Tannery

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