Who Are We?

Moroccan artisans Factory company which is located in Fes city, we mainly deal with everything related to Tanneries that depend on the very natural processes and also with everything related to the traditional Moroccan leather.

Our company depends on the higher quality of leather that exist in the markets. Moreover, we have reasonable prices that satisfy all the customers.

Fez Tannery’s History :

Fez tannery is the most famous tannery in Africa because it is unique and can easily be featured by everyone .it is  one of the interesting places in Fez and the oldest leather tannery in the world

The tannery is divided into two places; a small place in the entrance in which you can find some old machine; their function is basically to clean the leather with some natural cleaning items, While the second part of it; mainly utilizes to clean and color the leather. with only natural color; mainly found in different vegetable matter, such as tree bark prepared in bark mills, wood, leaves, fruits and roots, and other similar sources.

There is like many big holes or stone vessels;  built in the ground .in this later; the workers treat the hides of cows; goats, and sheep, turning them into a nice and lovely leather product such as bags, shoes, coats, hats, and jackets. All these processes are man-made without the interference of machines and technology.

Tanneries are nice places for people that are keen to know more about the process of products; they are for free, you can enjoy the entire process of it from the beginning till the end and you can also take as much as you want of picture and videos.