Moroccan Leather Products;  has a great influence on people from all over the world due to the fact they unique, and can’t be found elsewhere .our company deals with customers from all over the world, but mainly from the USA.

All of our customers are really convinced of the  pricing and also the quality

What is the origin of Leather?

The Leather is from the animal skin; and more specifically cow hides, goats, and sheep. They are clean with some natural cleaning items. Then; they treat them to become very beautiful pieces of leather in different colors and shapes to make products later out of them.

Moroccan Leather Products:

Our company;  owns a huge amount of workers in tanneries n in which they treat the leather very carefully to give special pieces of leather, most of the costumers prefer Cowhide one of the most popular leathers today; it is a byproduct of the meat and dairy industry, it is the most durable and desirable leathers.

In our shop, all kind of leathers is available, with different designs and colors that are high fashion oriented.

Our Moroccan Leather Products categories:

Moroccan leather backpack; is from leather, it is of the most well-known aspects of Moroccan handicrafts. The leather that is used in fabricating all our products is ecologically tanned, without chemical additives and is made in our workshops. Hence, it combines style, quality, and usefulness.

Moroccan Leather bag; is from real Moroccan traditional tanneries, naturally dyed using natural processes and handmade by expert craftsmen. Moreover, it is flexible, stylish, and resists water.

Moroccan leather wallet; is available in various styles and design; useful to keep credit cards, driver’s permit, money, and papers.  as well as it has sides for currency bill and coins. it provides various designs, sizes, categories

Moroccan leather poufs; are so chic and neat, they also give the home decoration

a stylish look, they are beautiful and available in many colors. Our stunning poufs are suitable  for all the rooms in the house

Best quality of Leather for Interior design

The quality of Chouara tannery interior design, is the first thing we care about. We’ll help you get the Morocco leather design you wish and in the color you need. We are serious, patient and helpful in our work. No matter where are you from, because we have the best contact with Morocco leather shipping companies, so No worries about how far you are.

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