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Chouara Tannery team has a bigin volvement to work with many interior designers around the world, especially in the USA. Our team produces lovely and fashionable Morocco leather designs depending on the command of the customer.So, wecould help our interior designers to get Moroccan Leather products from Chouara Tannery.



In Chouara Tannery,daily our professional craftsmen work on the pure leather of goats, sheep, cows and camels into deep mudhole. Then, they take thathides in a procedure of soaking, disrobing, drying, and dyeing in tannery in Fez.All those steps are done by hand without the use for modern machines.That process of work has hardly changed since the 12th Century, which makes Chouara Tannery an essential visit in Fez city.

Moroccan leather are profoundly represented considerable authority in Fashion. The products of Chouara Tannery are based on full vegetable tanned skins made with a conventional and imaginative thoughts and methods conceiving the most recent patterns.

Additionally, the beautiful sights of tanneries are from the patios where the cowhide shops are found. In any case, to truly connect with yourself, you should go out for a stroll close-by the tannery.The stink smell delivered from the tanneries is sharp. In any case, our guide will offer you a new branch of mint to bear with you. That’s all a part of the experience.

Each season we display new collection to our clients, done together with our European teammates twice per year for autumn, winter, spring and summer. It incorporates the fitting colors and fashion forecast of Moroccan calfskin that is for the most part respected among our business accomplices.

The orders’ quality which are produced in Chouara Tannery, are the first thing we care about. We’ll help you get the Morocco leather design you wish and in the color you need.We’ll help you get the Moroccan hides style you wish and in the shading you require. We are serious in our work, understanding and supportive in our work. Regardless of where are you from, on the grounds that we have the best contact with Morocco leather shipping organizations, so No stresses over how far you are.

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